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Vehicle eGate

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Vehicle eGate

ehicle eGate for border control is integrated with biometric recognition technology, smart card technology and optical character recognition technology. Set up in the vehicle checkpoint tunnel at the customs, each vehicle needs less than 11 seconds to pass through. The use of this system is a breakthrough for the vehicle control management. It makes the customs clearance process more significantly simple, safe, and efficient. The system is equipped with lift system. Before the vehicle enters the runnel, the system will scan it to estimate the height of the operation board for driver’s conveniences. The lift system also has self-protection technology, if the system was out of function by accident and happens to bump the brims of the machine or have obstacles for action, the system would shut down automatically to prevent damages of the machine.

When the vehicle is in the self-service tunnel, driver can manage in accordance with the instructions displayed on the screen, insert the ID card into the system for identity confirmation, or input the ID number by using the keyboard, then system will confirm the information with the backstage database, and collect finger print of the driver for system storage. Meanwhile the camera on the device starts to collect the facial characteristics and proceed system storage. The system will verify these two forms of biometric characteristics with original information collected in the database, if verification was matched successfully, the customs clearance process is considered done and the system will let the vehicle pass through. At the same time, all related customs clearance information will be recorded by computer system for further confirmation. Thereafter, the process is completed.


Highly integrated with biometric and smart card technologies;

Small volume, low weight& Low energy consumption;

Modular design & easy installation and maintenance;

Ultrasonic sensor to detect vehicle height and distance;

Multiple sensors for security detection

Successful Cases

ST tailor-designed vehicle eGate self-service system for Hong Kong, it was successfully deployed at Shenzhen Bay port with more than 40 vehicles pass through in July 1, 2017.The system was used by over 29.66 million vehicles by the end of 2016.

IST tailor-designed a vehicle control system for Foxconn to control entering-exiting vehicles. Now it is used at every single entrance in the center of Foxconn Technology Group in Shenzhen. Highly positive feedback was received from user.


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