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1992,Making the first ID card of Shenzhen

1995,Document production of the 43rd World Table Tennis Championships

1996,Designing and making Shenzhen Temporary Residential Permit

1997,Start Congo ID card project


2001,The President of Nigeria visited IST.

2001,Document production of the fifth anniversary of Hong Kong's return

2001,Document production of Fortune Forum of Hong Kong Annual Meeting

2003,Documentsproduction of National People’s Congress and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference

2003,The first production equipment of second generation ID card

2003,Beginning to produce the second generation of Chinese resident ID card


2004,Development and application digital photo online normalization system

2006,Hong Kong port eGate put into use

2007,Development and application the 17th CPC National Congress electronic reporting system

2008,Macau port eGate put into use


2011,Indonesia and Thailand eGate put into use

2012,Development endorsement system of Angola embassy

2012,Macau government eCabinet put into use

2015,Designing and making new edition of Shenzhen residence permit

2015,IST Attended ID4Africa Annual Conference-the 1st Annual Government Forum on Electronic Identity in Tanzania, Africa.


2016,IST Attended the ID4Africa 2nd Annual Government Forum & Expo on Electronic Identity in Rwanda, Africa.

2017,Self-service Enrollment Kiosk successfully developed and put into use.

2017,IST Attended the 3rd Annual Meeting of the ID4Africa Movement on Pathways to Digital Identity in Namibia, Africa.

2018,IST Attended the 4th Annual Meeting of the ID4Africa Movement on Harmonization of Identity Schemes in Nigeria, Africa .


Jan.,2019, IST become the member of first batch of Baidu AI hardware ally.

May, 2019, IST Self-service Kiosks for Hong Kong passport application are officially put into use .

June, IST Autogate Passenger eGates with face recognition are officially put into use in Ngurah Rai International Airport.

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